Tuesday, May 5, 2009

OH Baby...Shower.

As I mentioned before these are my "catch-up" posts and I'm excited to tell you that this is the LAST ONE! Which means I need to get working on some new ideas!

I was blessed to have the opportunity to make a cake for a friend's baby shower. The lovely little Maria was already born when this shower was thrown, so I steered away from the pregnancy theme and chose to work with the invitation colors which were pink and brown.

I made these little baby shoes out of fondant to be a little topper for the cake. The funny story that goes along with this is that I...ummm...well...attempted to make them as traditional white baby booties based on something I saw using a cutter on sugarcraft's website here: http://sugaredblog.blogspot.com/2009/03/how-to-make-baby-booties.html

BUT that was a disaster as I don't have the cutter she used and I let all my pieces dry instead of, oh I don't know...following directions! Sooooo they were a little cracked. I opted to cover the hardened cracked shell of a shoe with some pink fondant and to detail it with stitching and a little heart. Not too shabby compared to what they looked like originally. I should've taken a picture. It's probably better I didn't. They were a little scary before I covered them. Here they are all pretty in pink...

baby shoes2

The most exciting part of this cake was that it was the first time I didn't actually volunteer for the event. A friend throwing the shower asked if I would make the cake! This was a neat first for me! :)

Also some other firsts: First time making chocolate fondant, first time doing fondant polka dots, and first time making ribbon roses. YAY! Here it is in the BOX! Very fun to buy a cake box and put it all together as though I'm a professional or something. Maybe someday (after some training or lots and lots more practice).

boxed cake

And here it is set up at the party:

Maria's shower cake

The only thing I would change is the uncurved edge featured in the photo...it looks pointy to me, I was going for curvy not pointy. Oh well.

Everything is made of fondant except the little ribbon on top of the baby shoes.
The cake was vanilla cake (don't ask about the botched new recipe I tried before sticking to my favorite one) with buttercream filling and all fondant decorations.



  1. I love this baby cake :) I'm very impressed... I don't think I've ever made it through making a cake without eating it :O)

  2. I love these little booties and thanks for the blog comment :)

    Flowers- These are fake flowers and I sanitized them, let them air dry, rinse off, air dry agian, then place in the cake (just the stems). I, personally, would not put fresh flowers on a cake because there is certain steps you have to take. Some flowers can be harmful and even toxic. I would never want to risk it, so I'll stick to sugar flowers or fake ones.


  3. Thanks for the comments ladies!

    Raychel-thanks! I was always curious about that! I love the look of real flowers but wondered how it could be possible! I'm enjoying hearing about your pregnancy and your lovely cakes...I'll keep up with your blog! :)