Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day and Birthday Week

Happy Father's Day to all the dads! I made this one for my Daddy! We did a quadruple celebration this weekend since we have 3 birthdays in our family this week, my hubby, my mom and my brother too!

Here's Dad's Cake from above and before/after travel...which always seems to cause something to move a bit!
This one was chocolate cake with vanilla and chocolate buttercream/fresh raspberries (dad loves them)!

Here's a good shot of birthday week cake stuff...
All lined up!
Mom's healthy carrot cake/GF/dairy-free/egg-free too!

My brother's topper for his traditional grasshopper cake...I didn't make the cake, just the TB Rays hat and ball topper.


And the cake for my hubby was the Angry birds 6 inch which I froze and thawed for this weekend...see previous posts for closer pics of this cake. I'm not a fan of the thawed cake taste...but I think there are better techniques for freezing. I didn't do it the best way! Next time. Next time I will do it right! :)


Monday, June 13, 2011

Angry Birds Cake!


My hubby has recently acquired an Iphone. I must say it is quite a device. I'm not really tech savvy, but he has been having a blast with it. I discovered Angry Birds shortly thereafter and it. is. addictive. My hubby isn't really INTO Angry Birds, but after our team didn't make it all the way for the Stanley Cup Finals...a hockey cake wasn't on the menu. He suggested this and I thought it would be a blast!


I spent a lot of time making all the little pieces and had a difficult time getting that bottom cake to behave, but all in all it went well! I used hidden pillars wrapped in fondant to hold up the 6 inch cake and there are some supports that are not edible, but otherwise everything is fondant and buttercream. Hubby always requests cotton candy buttercream so we have a white cake with cotton candy buttercream. This was a lot of work, but also a lot of fun! I was sad to cut it up and store it, but it fits the theme too, right?
Destruction and mayhem abound! :)


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tiny eye painting tutorial

There are a couple different techniques...I like this one. Although, to be can be messy and sometimes is not the cleanest. However it is faster than trying to glue teeny tiny dots of fondant (another way to do it).

Sooo depending on your comfort level you can give this a go or roll up tiny balls of black fondant and attach with a dot of water instead. Too much water will make it sticky and hard to work with.

Here's what I do:

White fondant
Black icing color
Ball tool or toothpick---depending on size of eyes
Premade piece that has dried enough to handle

After you've done the eyes if there is a tiny spot out of line or needing filled in a toothpick or pointed fondant tool does wonders for fixing it. I painted eyebrows here and used some orange to shape a beak. Again you could also use black fondant for the eyebrows. I did this technique using yellow for my black bomb birdies.


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Baby Shower Cake

One of my friends is having her 5th baby and I was blessed to make her a cake for her shower. Our Catholic families group tries to have a shower for each new baby even if the mom has already had several children. It is so neat to welcome each new life with a celebration and a cake! :) Also I think the moms appreciate having some things that are just for the new child.
The theme was sage/brown with polka dots. I found some ribbon as requested and then made a gumpaste/topper with a piece of the ribbon attached and the baby's name piped onto it. The cake was white chocolate cake with vanilla/caramel buttercream and chocolate butter cake with chocolate fudge icing. Buttercream icing with gumpaste fondant decorations and chocolate icing polka dots. The cake did a little slide to the right in the car so I had a bit of frustration with the after travel look, but that part of cakes (driving them) is still something I have to work on...long, long way to go. I think with a buttercream cake I need to use more icing to secure the cake to the board and perhaps double check the centering of the top tier. OR I just need to assemble on site! :)