Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day and Birthday Week

Happy Father's Day to all the dads! I made this one for my Daddy! We did a quadruple celebration this weekend since we have 3 birthdays in our family this week, my hubby, my mom and my brother too!

Here's Dad's Cake from above and before/after travel...which always seems to cause something to move a bit!
This one was chocolate cake with vanilla and chocolate buttercream/fresh raspberries (dad loves them)!

Here's a good shot of birthday week cake stuff...
All lined up!
Mom's healthy carrot cake/GF/dairy-free/egg-free too!

My brother's topper for his traditional grasshopper cake...I didn't make the cake, just the TB Rays hat and ball topper.


And the cake for my hubby was the Angry birds 6 inch which I froze and thawed for this weekend...see previous posts for closer pics of this cake. I'm not a fan of the thawed cake taste...but I think there are better techniques for freezing. I didn't do it the best way! Next time. Next time I will do it right! :)



  1. Evie, you amaze me! I am wondering though, and this is a question I've had since the beginning, how do you frost a cake with buttercream and make it look very smooth? Your mom's cake looks fabulous! I love seeing what you come up with next, hopefully someday I'll jump back in the game, full force!

  2. Theresa---I put the cake in the freezer after a crumb coat and then after I frost it fully I put it back in and then after the buttercream is set (about 20-25 minutes) I take it out and use a paper towel to smooth it. Everybody has their technique...this is the one I like. Using a fondant smoother with a paper towel is also a nice way to get sharper corners. Viva paper towels have no pattern, if you prefer a completely smooth surface.