Friday, January 22, 2010

A Thank You

I'm really a ridiculously erratic blogger. Really. I am so lucky to make the cakes that I make, when I do get to make them. I'm even luckier in that there are people out there actually taking the time to look at my cakes and share in my cake joys and frustrations. I'm only a hobbyist. And I certainly don't feel I deserve to be honored for my inconsistent blogging...but I am! How 'bout that?

So this is a thank you to Baking Momma for this lovely award and the lovely words she typed about me on her beautiful blog. Thanks!


Now I'm blessed to pass this award along to:

Sweet Things
Party Perfect
Thirty Handmade Days
Pink Little Cake

I love reading these blogs! I love all the blogs I read and I only recently discovered two of them...the other two I've been following a long time!

I hope you enjoy following them as much as I have!


Christmas, an Anniversary, and a Company Cake

So I know I've been MIA for A LONG LONG time...I mean a month in the blogosphere is similar to a year in other circles. Let me start by apologizing for missing a post and then not getting a picture of the Christmas cake to even make a belated post out of... such is life.

Here, however, is a picture of my hubby and I on our anniversary celebration. 6 years!!! We finally made it past 5! My hubby always says no one listens to what you have to say about marriage for the first 5 years...since you are "newlyweds". LOL!
I had wanted to remake our wedding cake (the top layer only) but didn't get a chance to and with my new weight loss regimen...decided it was best not to make a cake that would sit here and beg to be eaten.

The following weekend I made this cake for a belated Epiphany Party which is my hubby's yearly office party. The cake is based on their office logo which is basically a blue tree.

I was so thrilled that with my new cake turntable my fondant was much easier to apply and cut off and overall I had a clean look on the bottom of my cake with no holes to cover! So wonderful!
It is a chocolate cake with oreo buttercream (my hubby's new favorite) covered in marshmallow fondant. AND, the most exciting news of all...I used the below gift to make it!!!


My refurbished commercial KA mixer!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With a 6 quart bowl!!!!AHHHHHHHHHHHH! Yes ladies I can finally stop killing those poor handmixers (I've already had to toss 3) and move on to something more my size. This was the merriest gift of all! :)

So I'm back! On arriving back I discovered I won a blog award! I know little about it, but I know I get to name other blogs to receive this award more on that next time!

Blessings in this New Year!