Sunday, December 12, 2010

Football Cake Fun!


Happy Birthday to my Father-in-law! I just call him dad!

He's a big Michigan fan and so my hubby and I set up a mini birthday party with a mini maize and blue cake to boot!

The kids had a blast singing to Grandpa and we all enjoyed being together and celebrating.

This is a white cake with dairy-free vanilla buttercream, covered in marshmallow fondant and wilton fondant decorations. The football is krispy treat covered in fondant. AND yes...I dyed all the blue myself...I read that the trick to getting a nice dark navy blue is adding black food coloring slowly! It worked!!! Hard to get it perfect since mmf tears easily, but it looks pretty good! :)

This picture is before I piped the yellow buttercream border on the "M" I wasn't happy with it without the piping. You can see how rough the M is...thank you serrated type knife! I need better fondant knives! :)


Advent Blessings!