Saturday, August 22, 2009

Birthday Fun

Tomorrow is my birthday! Yippee! So I wanted to make a cake to celebrate. My hubby was a little confused by this concept, but hey...I enjoy it and it's my birthday so I pick what I want right? :) There's no point in him making me a cake since I love doing it so much.

I REALLY, REALLY wanted to do a wedding cake, but given my resources, young children and the fact my son cut 3 molars in 4 weeks...I had to let it go.

So I opted to do a tiered cake.
These designs I tried for fun.
I did one design---took a pic--- and then did another, took a pic and finally finished with something wedding-esque.
Overall my technique is lacking and I've got a LONG, LONG way to go before I can make a tiered cake that is both well designed and technically proficient; but I thoroughly enjoyed playing around with it.

PURPLE! It's my favorite color so this was especially exciting...hehe.

I really like the final one, but I think I would have just hearts on the top made out of gumpaste. I didn't actually have gumpaste so they are fondant...and I didn't decide to do this design until last minute which meant they weren't dry so I had to prop them up with some ribbon roses. I think if it was a wedding cake I would have done them in gumpaste, let them dry and had them bigger.

Nothing like a little cake experimenting to make for a happy birthday! :O)