Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Preview...can you guess the theme?


This one is going to be fun! I can feel it!



  1. AWESOME!! I might have to try!

  2. Could you show how you paint the faces? I still haven't figured out how/what to use.

  3. Theresa...I use icing colors. Sometimes I thin it in bit of CLEAR vanilla (you can also use vodka but I never have any) and use a food safe paintbrush. OR I use a toothpick dipped directly into it. If you do the unthinned icing color it will smear very easily and remain sticky. Just have to handle it with care! I will take a pic of the tool and technique for the eyes, perhaps this one will be a triple post! :) Foodwriters are great too, but i really don't care for the ones Wilton makes...and I'm too lazy/cheap to order the really nice ones, but for something simple they could work too.