Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tiny eye painting tutorial

There are a couple different techniques...I like this one. Although, to be can be messy and sometimes is not the cleanest. However it is faster than trying to glue teeny tiny dots of fondant (another way to do it).

Sooo depending on your comfort level you can give this a go or roll up tiny balls of black fondant and attach with a dot of water instead. Too much water will make it sticky and hard to work with.

Here's what I do:

White fondant
Black icing color
Ball tool or toothpick---depending on size of eyes
Premade piece that has dried enough to handle

After you've done the eyes if there is a tiny spot out of line or needing filled in a toothpick or pointed fondant tool does wonders for fixing it. I painted eyebrows here and used some orange to shape a beak. Again you could also use black fondant for the eyebrows. I did this technique using yellow for my black bomb birdies.



  1. Great tutorial! Your birds look great, even if they are angry! ;)

  2. Thank you for this post!! I have Teddy's 8th birthday coming up and we'll be hashing out what cake to make. We may do angry irds, but NOTHING as elaborate as yours. You're so talented! Such an inspiration for me!