Monday, June 9, 2014

Pearls and Ribbon Anniversary Cake

This cake is from a while back, but I never posted it. My dear friend celebrated her 10th Wedding Anniversary and wanted a pure white cake to make up for her wedding day cake being not quite what she wanted. This cake was gluten-free and nut-free with vanilla cake and fondant decorations. I hand rolled the pearls and then painted them with pearl dust to give them shimmer. The topper is floral (not evident from this picture) with some pearls added to it. I used a ball of fondant and then attached the flowers and pearls to it to add dimension and interest. The ribbons is not edible but everything else was edible.

I'm back to posting now, so hopefully I can post a little more than once in a year!  I have some cakes I have yet to post so I will try and catch up when I can over the summer.


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