Friday, June 14, 2013

First Communion Cake

I made this cake for my dear friend's daughter on her First Holy Communion. It was about a year ago, but I'm just getting my act together. Looking at it now the gumpaste chalice really is not as well done as I would have liked. It was my first go at trying to make one and I think next time I will get a mold instead of free handing it. The grapes and wheat were very successful and I did enjoy learning to make the drape. This was my first draping attempt.

The cake was gluten-free vanilla and chocolate with vanilla buttercream. The accents are all gumpaste/fondant/buttecream. The little hosts were so easy to make. I really enjoyed making this cake for all the trouble it gave me...honestly I'm so used to using dairy-free buttercream I think the texture and the crusting always trips me up when I work with icing that has butter. Sculpting fondant is my passion when it comes to cake decorating. I enjoy it all, but the part I love really is the sculpting.

I consider this one a good design that I may use for my own daughter's First Holy Communion cake. Hopefully if I do another Chalice I can have a little more success next time.


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