Tuesday, June 10, 2014

First Holy Communion: Pink and White

I really still am in shock that this all happened, that my dear sweet child has made her First Holy Communion and I made a cake for it. It feels surreal!!! My baby is not a baby and she now can receive Our Lord in this amazing Sacrament! I feel more than I can possibly express.

Here she is with her cake...
 And yes that is a cake pan under the cake!!! I changed the size of the cake last minute and didn't have a board big enough for it so I flipped the pan. Sometimes you have to be flexible!
 I used gumpaste for the chalice and paten and fondant for the hosts so the kids could eat them. I put some red fruit snacks in the chalice. My kids thought that was the best...eating the hosts and getting fruit snacks out of the chalice. Nevermind about the humongous cake I baked and decorated...HA! The top cake is strawberry-lemonade (Gluten-free/dairy-free/ egg-free and safe for my allergic-to-everything child) and the bottom cake is safe Chocolate all with dairy-free vanilla butter cream icing.
The two little cakes are vanilla with marshmallow fondant I made from scratch. I used one of my cupcake toppers I had left to decorate one and a gumpaste plaque I piped onto for the other.

The biggest hit in my mind was the strawberry-lemonade. I found a gluten-free cake doctor recipe that I adapted to be safe and added lemon to to make the lemonade aspect of it. The fresh strawberries, increase in oil amounts and the jello packets seemed to keep it moist. The other cakes always dry out so quickly, but this cake was soft well into the week. My husband said it is now his favorite and requested it for his birthday! Win!

I am so proud of my beautiful daughter! Congratulations to her on her First Holy Communion!! I pray God guides her to the saint He desires her to be.

"There is but one suffering...to not be a saint."  Our bishop quoted this in his Pentecost Homily, but I can't remember who said it. I love it!


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