Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day Cake


Happy Valentine's Day!

I'm calling this cake "My Heart Belongs to You". I made it for my husband since he was sad that I had made so much cake and given it all away. He requested cotton candy buttercream so I raced around yesterday trying to find cotton candy. Phew. I finally found it after trying 4 different stores. Thank goodness its a movie food found at places where you can rent movies! :) I grabbed hastily though and the one I grabbed was cherry. Soooo cherry cotton candy buttercream was the only option! Luckily it was tasty enough (albeit not exactly what he wanted). Next time I'll be more careful and look closely before rejoicing and running to the counter! LOL!

This was my first attempt at gumpaste anything and ultimately it was OK. I was frustrated by my lack of good spots to dry the penguin so he ended moved around a bit and cracking in spots. SIGH. Oh well. I know now what not to do. That's how we learn right?!?! :)

Penguins are a favorite in our household and given how crazy cold it still is all over our great nation I figured this was a great choice of bird to use. I really liked using a bit of a different color scheme and was happy to skip the hot pink.
This cake was white cake with cherry cotton candy buttercream filling and vanilla buttercream and gumpaste decorations.

Happy Valentine's Day! Hope you remember that you are loved! Single, attached, married or not; God's love is really the only love we need.

Blessings to you!


  1. That cake came out wonderful. I had never heard of cotton candy buttercream I am sure it was was good. What a lucky hubby you have. Mines got store bought donuts lol. I had too much going on to bake.
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. The cake is very adorable! Your husband is one lucky guy!

  3. Thanks ladies! He did enjoy it! The buttercream with cotton candy was tasty too!

  4. Cotton Candy Buttercream! Oh WOW!!!!