Monday, February 8, 2010

Birthday Cake!!


I made this little cute cake for my sweet neighbor who turned 32. She didn't know I was making it so it was a fun surprise! Today is her birthday! This was just a little something to let her know that her day will be sweet. I told her to have cake for breakfast!

I wanted to try out some more all buttercream decorating. It is white cake with a chocolate chip crown. I told her I'm calling it chocolate chip crown cake! :) That's a cute little name eh? And I covered it in buttercream with royal icing decorations and buttercream polka dots and borders. This is my first time doing a top border. Is that even what it is called? I was proud that it turned out okay.

Also there's a ya know...Valentine's week continues ;)

Spreading the love all week!



  1. Aww! It is so cute! Today is also my friends birthday, then tomorrow is her moms, then the next day is my other friend, then the NEXT day it will be my birthday!!


  2. What a cute cake. That was so sweet of you. I am sure you made her day!