Saturday, July 26, 2014

Frozen Cake

Did I mention I'm not a photographer? I know all bloggers *should* be photographers...but I really stink at it! I took these with my phone (I know...stop yelling), but they are what I have! So here you go:
 I actually wanted to make Olaf too, but ran out of fondant. The characters are sculpted from fondant with supports (straws/toothpicks, a rice cake under Anna). It was time consuming, but rewarding. The sculpting is actually my favorite part! I made this for my daughter's friend who has a dairy allergy. Her mom graciously allowed me to make it my usual way so my daughter could feel normal at a birthday party (which usually she always has to have her own separate cupcake I bring for her).

 And YES This picture is crooked. HA! I told you. I made a bunch of icing but still didn't have enough blue so I improvised with swirly snow-esque white to ice the side of the bottom tier. When I asked my friend how much cake she said "the bigger the better" so I opted for the two tiers since the bottom single layer looked so  tiny to me. I piped buttercream around Elsa and added sparkling white sugar sprinkles to make it look like snow. I piped as many snowflakes as I could near Elsa until I ran out of buttercream. One of the great difficulties about being a home baker is not having a stock of buttercream and cake to pull out!!!! I had to make due since it was late and all the stores were closed or soon to close. All in all it came out well. I do think Elsa was a little too curvy...shhhhh. Luckily most 7-8 year olds aren't focused on bust size and probably didn't care. It bothered me but I didn't have enough fondant to redo her! Cest La Vie!
 The paper towel kept her right arm from falling while she was drying. No styrofoam? Just use rice cake. We always have rice cake! I hand painted the face and pieced fondant together to make her hair and braid.
Anna turned out more like I wanted and the details were extensive and with a rewarding result! I had some trouble painting her eyes, but still it turned out better than I expected. She's also all fondant with a support and I have a rice cake under her skirt to keep it billowing out and not sinking down. I did add some paper towels under it while it was drying to help it have a nice shape. Those were (of course) removed before I placed her on the cake.

My daughter had so much fun at the party. Allergies are challenging her emotionally these days and although I didn't do the best job in preparing for everything at the party (pizza/pretzels...etc) she was able to have the cake and that meant so much to her. I know that she is actually the reason I started making cakes and she is the reason I've learned to make them allergen-free. I credit all my growth and efforts to her very existence. I thank God for her and her sacrifices. I know they've made me a better woman. Ever the work-in-progress!


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