Saturday, April 6, 2013

Rainbow Pony Cake

   Here is the latest baking fun from my home!
I had a very specific request from my daughter to make a Pony Cake based on her favorite toy and that it should be inscribed in exactly the way she directed. Hmmm...I think she gets this from me!

  So I made a very small cake (it was Palm Sunday when we had cake) as we were starting to the holy week fasting/prayer. However telling a girl she can't have a cake for her birthday was not really an option for us. I enjoyed making the very anime-esque eyes and thought it looked as close to her toy's match as it could in the time I allotted time to work on the cake.

 This was a new recipe I found for homemade chocolate allergen free cake that used vinegar and no eggs. I was somewhat happy with the  taste, but I think that it called for not quite the right amount of sugar. Next time I will up the amount. My hubby saw me making all the swirls and was somewhat confused. I did use them, but I made way too many!  I love this design. I think it could have more color (white clouds/white cake sort of bothers me) and if I had thought it through a little more and had the time I might have made the cake blue but I was thinking it would conflict with the blue on the pony. I covered a bunch of mini marshmallows with fondant to make the large cloud and then piped the smaller clouds from buttercream.

She loved her cake and even though it was a quick and short celebration (the cake didn't last more than a day since it was small) she was happy and that made me happy with it. :) :)

Easter Blessings from our home to yours!

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