Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sand and Sun Cake


Every year we go to the beach for Memorial Weekend to be with family and friends. This year was no exception! Last year (if you remember back that far) I made a "beach cake" at the last minute to take and suprise everyone. I promised I would bring a cake each year and so I came up with this sand pail/sand castle (sort of) combo. If I could do it again I would use a castle pan. Mainly because I had to drive this cake a ways and to do intricate sugar work or delicate fondant pieces was not possible. PLUS the humidity is insane beachside...soooo yeah...I had to finish it when I arrived with cookies and sugar. I think the little crab saved the day as without it I would have felt the cake lacked something color wise. I literally threw the crab together the night before the cake was served with some leftover red fondant. I thought he turned out cute in spite of how soft he was when I took this picture! He had dried a bit by the time we cut into the cake.

The pail was a pina colada cake. Coconut cake with pina colada buttercream and marshmallow fondant. The "Sand Castle" was chocolate cake with oreo buttercream. I used raw sugar, buttercream and fondant accents. The crab's eyes are chocolae candies.


We had a blast playing on the beach with the kiddos and everyone seemed to enjoy the cake!


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  1. The crab is so cute!! Pina colada??? That sounds VERY yummy and summer-ish :)