Saturday, September 5, 2009

Birthday Dragon

I made this cake to enter in the Creative Cakes Competition. I'm hoping to win something! :)

Either way I had fun learning to carve freehand!! I carved all of this from a cake I had frozen that I didn't use for my "Wedding Birthday Cake". I carved the halved egg, whole egg, and dragon's torso from it and used mini cupcakes to make his neck which I glued onto his torso with buttercream. It was easier than I expected!! I have always been a little scared to lunge at cake with a knife, but it is not as scary as I thought and produced some great results!


The cake was a layer of vanilla and a layer of chocolate with buttercream and decorated entirely in marshmallow fondant and buttercream foliage. The toadstools are mini cupcakes stuck together.

I freehand sculpted his head (UGH this is can be so frustrating!) and made a party hat out of fondant too. I stuck his head in with a toothpick. Maybe not so sturdy in the long run, but for a quick pic and a cake that's going to be cut apart minutes didn't matter much. lol.


He has a tail which you can't see in the first pic! I wish I could get a great pic and show everything, but alas it is not always possible!!!!

Hope you like it!!!!



  1. That is cool! Good job. You are very talented!!!

  2. This cake came out great! I have never tried a sculpted cake either because frankly it scares me! But you have now given me the motivation to try! Thanks for sharing

    Ps you are lucky your son is still too young to be so protective lol but you wait its coming!

  3. I think it's super cute--the dragon's head and face look terrific. Was thinking of you recently!

  4. This cake came out awesome. Every time I see your work I see you growing and growing in the art.