Wednesday, December 5, 2012

May the 5th be With You.

My son is majorly involved in his own little Star Wars world. Sets up entire fleets on his bedroom floor and dumps out all his toys to use each toy bucket as a separate planet. Very cute, very messy, but definitely a new obsession!

Of course for months now he has been going on about his birthday cake and what-who he wants on it. This was a challenge, but I think if I had started earlier the modeling might have been better. It is all still a learning process. I made Vader and he was a midget! I had to throw out the head and make the krispy treat body taller. No one wants a shrunken bad guy on their cake. I am beginning to think the key to good modeling is weeks of working and plenty of patience. ME I tend to do this 3 days before the birthday event...hehe. That doesn't make for much room to make mistakes. ALSO pieces that are soft are more likely to sink in or squish. Soooo we will try not to procrastinate when my daughter's birthday comes around. the light sabers had to dry but then to stick them into the hands they needed a toothpick which would then crack them. Spaghetti would have been smarter...just saying.

Okay as much as I'm going on about what went wrong I really am happy with it. He LOVES it and the death star wasn't the disaster I thought it might be, it actually does look somewhat like the death star. So I'm just nit-picking because that's how I learn and improve. The size of the cake would have worked better bigger, but the egg free/dairy-free/gluten-free cakes don't cook up well in larger sizes. I find the top burns and the middle is uncooked, so this 10 inch is actually quite large for me in terms of allergen-free cake making. I also remembered just how much better the VIVA towel works for smoothing buttercream. I cannot let myself think that anything else is comparable, because for me, it really is not better. Go VIVA! :)

May the Cake Forces be with you today!!!!!!!!

Advent Blessings!